How often do you show appreciation to your employees?

This is the question worth asking yourself: studies show that job satisfaction as well as job performance increase significantly for employees whose work is valued. Harvard Business Review experts note that in their practice, many managers struggle to demonstrate appreciation for their employees despite knowing the positive effects that it has. A common mistake is that managers simply assume that their staff already know how they felt about them.

This is primarily due to the illusion of transparency, whereby there is a gap between how appreciated the employees feel and how much managers appreciate them. Another issue is that managers think that communicating appreciation is a cumbersome task. However, employees themselves consider the task rather simple and confess that lack of appreciation leads them to think that they are being taken for granted.

Seeing that appreciation is integral to your company’s success, it is worth investing in moments that show it. Going a step further, you might even want to put employee recognition programs in place. Research makes a strong case for them: organizations that have such programs report higher (by a staggering 71%) engagement levels among their employees than companies without a program. But for now, if this seems like a far-fetched endeavor, may we suggest showing appreciation for your employees now that Easter is just around the corner?

Easter traditionally marks the beginning of spring and brings with it a certain sense of renewal. This time of the year also offers a chance to honor the hope and joy that the spring season brings with it. Regardless of religious beliefs, the celebration is a great chance to bring your employees together.

Some of the bigest deliverycompanies (in Norway to make that clear, but they deliver worldwide) to consider for buying easter eggs to your employees:

However, now that most of us are working from home, organizing a get-together in the office may prove unrealistic (and most of all, unsafe!). Under such a scenario, a more feasible and safer option could be to order food delivery straight to your employees’ homes and gather everyone on a Zoom call, enjoying a delicious meal together. Given that food delivery services such as Uber Eats are pretty ubiquitous, it should not be a problem even with lockdowns still in place.

If your organization is rather large and bringing people together from various time zones is inconvenient, then you might consider ordering edible arrangements such as a basket full of chocolate Easter eggs along with a card with words of appreciation. Gifting such a small present for your employees is the perfect way to kick-start the appreciation culture in your organization. Plus, you will show appreciation to every single employee and this is something that is not possible in employee-recognition programs where only a select few get awards, leaving the rest of the staff out.

At the end of the day, building a culture of appreciation starts with small things – an Easter egg or a hearty meal from a trusted food delivery service might be just one of them.

Happy Easter! 🐰

Easter is a great time to show appreciation for your employees

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