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Our Warranty

We offer one of the best after-sales warranties within the catering sector ! When you buy a Lec Commercial or Burco product, you can be sure you are also receiving our award winning after-sales service and support. Our award winning UK-based call centre is on hand 7 days a week, 363 days a year to answer any questions you may have.

Eco Friendly

With eco-friendly methods and practices being the need of the hour, we are here to push things forward and help everyone achieve the very best.

Platinum Catering Refrigeration Range

Effective and efficient methods are all around the corner, and one can clearly step right into the process to understand and study the need for advancement.

Extended Warranty Option

Yes, that’s right. The extended warranty option will always make sense for the better because we are here to serve you and help you get all you need.

Fast & Efficient

Coming in with different kinds of benefits, our range of products and services will ensure that you achieve it all and move ahead to be satisfied.

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Catering Fridges and Freezers

Our extended range offers catering establishments a complete spectrum of products to suit all needs, including large-capacity Gastronorm units  full of features to make your refrigerated food storage unit a key part of your catering team.

Display Refrigeration

Lec Commercial offers a stylish and extensive range of display refrigeration. Whether food or beverages, our units really will showcase your products in the best possible way.


Cooking equipment units are vital pieces of equipment in most catering establishments. Burco offers a wide range of high performance range cookers, through to ovens and grills, designed for use in the busiest of kitchens

Cygnet  Water Boilers

Our Cygnet manual fill water boilers are portable and easy to use. Simply fill with water, plug in and you will have piping hot water ready for use. 

Beverage Equipment

We offer a wide range of hot beverage equipment under the Burco brand, from our recognisable Manual Fill Boiler “Urns”, as well as our exciting new range of British built autofill water boilers with built-in water filtration, through to stylish coffee makers for the commercial environment.

Countertop Equipment

We offers a wide range of countertop catering equipment, from the latest energy efficient induction hobs through to high performance ovens and grills. 

Key Features

How We Operate

Durable Stainless Steel

Bringing in materials and products of the right quality will always fetch you results, and you need to go ahead and make it all count for the better.

Fully Variable Thermostat

Based on the operations and the method of progress, we are always ready to implement change and bring about the right form of innovation.

Concealed Element

Moving forward with the aspect and idea of concealment will surely make a difference, and one can look towards it for the most part of the process.


What Our Customers Say
“Discovering their services has been a huge boon for my business because they have managed to raise everything to the top.”
Richard F Hatcher
“Exploring the process and all what comes with it surely helped me out since I found GDPA Catering to be the best.”
Louise R Howell


Easter is a great time to show appreciation for your employees

Easter egg on plate

How often do you show appreciation to your employees?

This is the question worth asking yourself: studies show that job satisfaction as well as job performance increase significantly for employees whose work is valued. Harvard Business Review experts note that in their practice, many managers struggle to demonstrate appreciation for their employees despite knowing the positive effects that it has. A common mistake is that managers simply assume that their staff already know how they felt about them.

This is primarily due to the illusion of transparency, whereby there is a gap between how appreciated the employees feel and how much managers appreciate them. Another issue is that managers think that communicating appreciation is a cumbersome task. However, employees themselves consider the task rather simple and confess that lack of appreciation leads them to think that they are being taken for granted.

Seeing that appreciation is integral to your company’s success, it is worth investing in moments that show it. Going a step further, you might even want to put employee recognition programs in place. Research makes a strong case for them: organizations that have such programs report higher (by a staggering 71%) engagement levels among their employees than companies without a program. But for now, if this seems like a far-fetched endeavor, may we suggest showing appreciation for your employees now that Easter is just around the corner?

Easter traditionally marks the beginning of spring and brings with it a certain sense of renewal. This time of the year also offers a chance to honor the hope and joy that the spring season brings with it. Regardless of religious beliefs, the celebration is a great chance to bring your employees together.

Some of the bigest deliverycompanies (in Norway to make that clear, but they deliver worldwide) to consider for buying easter eggs to your employees:

However, now that most of us are working from home, organizing a get-together in the office may prove unrealistic (and most of all, unsafe!). Under such a scenario, a more feasible and safer option could be to order food delivery straight to your employees’ homes and gather everyone on a Zoom call, enjoying a delicious meal together. Given that food delivery services such as Uber Eats are pretty ubiquitous, it should not be a problem even with lockdowns still in place.

If your organization is rather large and bringing people together from various time zones is inconvenient, then you might consider ordering edible arrangements such as a basket full of chocolate Easter eggs along with a card with words of appreciation. Gifting such a small present for your employees is the perfect way to kick-start the appreciation culture in your organization. Plus, you will show appreciation to every single employee and this is something that is not possible in employee-recognition programs where only a select few get awards, leaving the rest of the staff out.

At the end of the day, building a culture of appreciation starts with small things – an Easter egg or a hearty meal from a trusted food delivery service might be just one of them.

Happy Easter! 🐰

3 Tips On Choosing The Right Catering Fridge

Catering Fridge

Having the right staffing in place is key to building the perfect business, and this should also include all the essential equipment. When you enter the food industry, several aspects have to be paid attention to. Catering and food product sales are business ideas with high potential in the market, but you need to aim it right to set sailing on a successful voyage. Once you are in the business, funds need to be allocated for various purposes. Functional freezers and a reliable catering fridge are essential elements on your list when starting your company.

Catering Fridge

You must make sure they are of superior quality and are economical enough to run every week’s requirements. Storing and displaying food products need to be the top priority; you need the best catering fridge to keep the foods undamaged. Choosing the right one for your store is not easy since countless options are available. Let us look at a few tips to choose the right catering fridge for your business.

1.      Energy Consumption

This is one of the most important aspects to look for when shopping for a new catering fridge. Since the costs of energy bills are rising rapidly, you need to consider energy efficiency to check for in all the products. The rating of the equipment will speak for its value of energy efficiency. Cutting back on energy consumption is not possible in the food business; so, you need to look for products that will not eat up much electricity over the day. The equipment will be in constant use since the quality of the stock needs to be ensured. With all these applying to just the first factor, you must be careful with what you purchase. Check with your accountant for any available tax breaks on the buying and usage of this equipment.

2.      Storage Requirements

Not any corner of the commercial space is offered for free; so, you need to make the best use of the available square meter count. A vertical catering display fridge would be the better option when you have limited space at your store. The amount of stock can be maximized by displaying all the products in this vertical fridge. Walk-in coolers or large chest freezers must be considered if you are running a larger production line like a slaughterhouse.

3.      The Functionality of the Equipment

When you have a busy catering kitchen with staff walking to and from the refrigerator constantly, the functionality should be optimal. The equipment should be spacious enough to clean easily, and the doors should also be flexible to be opened and closed without much damage. Hard-to-reach corners shouldn’t be a part of this refrigerator, and the shelving should also be removable. You can factor in every other aspect that plays a crucial part in setting up the ideal shopping experience for the customers. This will also help the staff have a relaxed working time without having to clear the food debris from the far ends of the equipment.


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