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Burco is Everyone’s Cup of Tea at Eliane, Hungerford

Eliane, a local culinary oasis nestled in the heart of the picturesque town of Hungerford, West Berkshire is a café like no other in the area. In amidst the light and airy décor is an abundance of fresh teas, aromatic coffee beans, freshly baked cakes and extensive menus for customers to choose from, whether that be a light lunch or simply a tea for two – Eliane’s is the perfect place to meet, eat and drink.

Specialising in allergen-sensitive menus, Eliane’s cater for vegans, vegetarians, and those that are gluten and lactose intolerant, with a particular focus on fresh, raw ingredients rich in nutrients, vitamins and of course, flavour. Whatever the dietary needs, requirements or preferences, this health driven café ensures that every customer is catered for.

Eliane is the vision of Rafia Willmott, who first opened the cafe in 2014. After discovering the health benefits of eating a ‘clean’ diet, but being unable to avoid modern ‘unhealthy’ food when dining out, Rafia was inspired to open a place where likeminded people could go and enjoy delicious fresh, homemade, healthy food and drink. Rafia explains further:

“Our philosophy is to provide clean, alkaline food for our customers to enjoy in a simple, happy environment where they can come and eat as they should be eating – and as they choose to eat. Our food is homemade on site and we love using seasonal produce. The whole team is very passionate about organic produce and are fully behind increasing awareness of healthy eating habits.

As a result of this philosophy, we specialise in allergen-sensitive dishes and ingredients so that we can offer something for everyone. The benefits of ‘clean’ eating and having an in-depth knowledge as to what ingredients you are putting in your dishes, and where they are sourced has had a huge influence on the development of our menu – from quiches to croissants to coffee – and even to our tea!”

With a premium, fresh quality to every aspect of the menu, Rafia knew that with a heavy emphasis on food, the quality of the drinks menu had to match the exceptional food:

“There is a huge tea and coffee culture in Britain, it’s a core piece of our society and people love to go and meet for just a simple tea or coffee together. Offering homemade, healthy food was certainly not enough for Eliane’s which is why we have developed an extensive hot beverage menu offering people every possible choice. We offer about 18 varieties of Jing tea – a very exclusive tea maker in London – who we chose due to their huge interest in the production and quality of their teas and which we felt suited Eliane’s perfectly. The priority for me, is providing teas with excellent flavour, whilst also allowing the healing properties to be released out of each tea as the customer drinks it.”

Not only does Elaine boast high quality tea, aromatic flavours and a vast selection, but Rafia understood the importance of the water quality in order for the teas to reach their full taste potential, which led to Rafia to discover Burco Auto-Fill Water Boilers.

“The tea leaf is very important – where it comes from and how it’s prepared, so it is pointless investing in such great tea if you then spoil it with poor quality water. Boiling water in a standard kettle will present numerous problems, such as limescale, thus affecting water quality and delivering a poor tasting beverage. I required something which would complement the fine teas I offer which led me to purchase a Burco Auto-fill Boiler. Having Burco has been really useful because it keeps the water at a certain temperature to give the tea its optimum taste. Another great quality of the Burco Auto-fill Boiler is that the water comes through a filtration system which enhances the flavour rather than causing any impurities to come through into the tea.”

What’s more, the Burco Auto-fill Boiler needed to fit with the front of house aesthetic as well as providing excellent quality water for Eliane:

“For me” Rafia continues “the Burco Auto-fill Boiler is visually appealing, which is important to the feel of the café. Our front counter has an incredibly visual aspect so when I was choosing the right equipment to be customer facing, I knew that the Burco Auto-Fill Boiler was absolutely the right choice. I’ve been so impressed; it produces the most wonderful tea and really accentuates each tea’s fragrance as well as the whole theatre of the tea making process.”

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