Mobile Handwash SKU: 444448591


  • Ideal for where mains water isn’t available
  • Perfect for outdoor catering, events and other locations such as building sites
  • Allows over 85 hand washes per fill
  • Simply fill with water and plug in, simple internal waste water collections allows for easy emptying


SKU code 444448591
GDPA code HW0110
Product width (unit) 390mm
Product depth (unit) 415mm
Product height (unit) 840mm (excluding tap)
Tap height 175mm
Packed width 435mm
Packed depth 465mm
Packed height 890mm
Product weight 8.8kg
Packed weight 10.8kg
Gross capacity 10L
Colour Stainless Steel
Material Stainless Steel
Temperature limit 42°C
Fitted Wheels Yes
Hand washes per fill 85+
Food operated infrared system Yes
Manual or Autofill Manual
Voltage Supply 220/240V